The Sea Swallow

Down in Lune Deep
Far below the sea
Something sparkles
Like sunken treasure.
A strange boy is watching
But steals away in a flash
As the Sea-Ogre stirs
And our story begins…

The Sea Swallow – written by Gareth Thompson and illustrated by Hannah Megee has been launched by Litfest to celebrate Wyre’s Mythic Coastline. The book is being given to all children between the ages of 7-11  in the Wyre Area.

Wyre residents attended public engagement days in Fleetwood to share their stories of their town and its history.  Gareth had a chance to explore Wyre’s unique past and learn about tales from the sea.  Local landmarks and the detail in imagery allow young readers to relate to the characters and feel like they are part of the story. The book references local themes and brings to life Wyre’s Mythic Coastline. Marine Hall Gardens in Fleetwood will link the landmarks along the trail with the ever evolving story in the landscape.

The book is available on or in the Tourist Information Centres in Fleetwood, Clevelys and Garstang.


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