Marine Hall Gardens – **update**


Marine Hall Gardens was looking great in the sunshine yesterday. Miami eat your heart out. The art deco style is coming together and planting will take place as soon as this ‘slight chill’ passes.


2 thoughts on “Marine Hall Gardens – **update**

  1. Hi Karl,

    thanks for your comment. I agree, the continued investment from Wyre and Blackpool is changing the area massively. There’s a good balance of infrastructural works and improving the quality of public spaces. This has been useful to create links between Blackpool and Fleetwood. [Rossall Point Observatory Tower construction has begun and The Mythic Coastline artwork trail is under way also] Hopefully you will be able to visit the tower during the summer.


  2. Looks great! We live near Fleetwood, I think it’s a place with lots of character. Me and my partner went to see your site and display boards in the Marine Hall and it all looks fantastic….

    I love the regeneration thats taken place in the last ten years from Blackpool to Fleetwood its truly transforming people’s lives and making it a much nicer place to work and spend leisure time in.

    I think Blackpool and nearby areas still have a long way to go and landscape architecture of this nature is vital for social and economic survival.

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