City Campus Orchard – Worcester


Worcester city orchard is a landscape art work commissioned by the University of Worcester, created by Sans façon and BCA Landscape in collaboration with Landscape Architect Becky Sobell.

Worcester city orchard is a new orchard in the heart of the city. Continuing the tradition of fruit growing long established in Worcestershire, this new space also alludes to the former infirmary and the gardens in which medicinal and edible plants were grown.

Key to this art project is the creation of an unexpected productive landscape accessible to anyone in the city, transforming the traditional expectation of a University campus. Worcester city orchard becomes a social space for the city, part of the University and open and welcoming for the citizens and visitors.

The creation of an art landscape of this scale and prominence in a city is rare in Britain, one that provides a seasonal offering to its university students and citizens alike is rarer still. In the creation of Worcester city orchard, Worcester becomes the home of a significant public art landscape that celebrates its heritage and provides a unique public space.

The Orchard may also become an ideal example and laboratory for some of the University departments (For example the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit ), but also for the local schools to present the values of bio diversity, for other commissioned art interventions, for organisations working to promote Orchards in the region, and for the city to celebrate its cultivation heritage through festivals and celebrations (for instance at harvest time, Applefest, Full Bloom, etc).


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