Rooftops in the Park

sketch 1  mandy_20130215114820 sketch 3 sketch 2 BCAL SCRIBBLES  BCAL_Everton Landscape

The dreamteam coupling of  BCAL & Studio Three Architects is one of five teams selected to develop concept proposals for a “hub” building in Everton Park, Liverpool. Our scheme is deceptively simple, but stems from a careful study of the site history, building upon the recent projects by Fritz Heag (the Biennial) and James Corner Field Operations.

Our scheme occupies a modest footprint that is orientated to the centre of the now buried Kepler St – one of the many terraced “lost streets” of Everton that were demolished in the 50’s and 60’s. The robust brick plinth that emerges from the mound of earth on the site becomes a permanent interpretation marker, setting out the location of the lost street, inviting people in and up through the structure.

A simple but effective landscape design co-ordinates seamlessly with the building. Using the current site levels to minimise cost, the landscape activates this part of the park, making the views accessible and the outdoor spaces more usable.

Rooftops in the Park was carried out in conjunction with Studio Three, Brian Edmondson, Ian Brew and Paul McMullin.


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