In the sand dunes


Nestled in the sand dunes near Fleetwood is the recently opened Rossall Point Observatory Tower. Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful project. The plan is for the local dune flora and fauna to naturally colonize the area around the new concrete learning terraces – we will let you know how it goes!

Architect : Studio Three Architects

Landscape Architects : BCA Landscape

Artist : Lesley Fallais

Engineer : Booth King Partnership Ltd

Client : Wyre Council

QS : Ian Brew [IBQS]


One thought on “In the sand dunes

  1. Concrete can be beautiful after all! Great scheme yet again, I’m loving your work round here. I was with my partner in Marine hall gardens and we saw an older couple sat together. I heard him say to his wife in a right Northern accent, ‘love its liker bein abroad int it’ while he was catching a few Blackpool sun rays! Its getting really well used and should look even better this summer!

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