Manx A-Y

  • The A-Y of Manx is an artwork in the paving in Regent Street at the heart of the Isle of Man’s capital, Douglas. Each letter has come from a narrative of fact or folklore, geography or ecology – all coming together to compose a fascinating picture of the Isle of Man today.

    The artwork illustrates 24 subjects related to the Isle of Man, some of which are well-known and obvious such as “Manx Cats”, “TT” and “Kippers” and some which are a little more obscure such as the “Giant Elk” and “Ogham”.

    This is a BCA Landscape  & Smiling Wolf collaboration

    The Manx A-Y is as follows:

    A – Archibald Knox

    B – Basking Shark

    C – Cat

    D – Doolish

    E – Ellan Vannin

    F – Financial Centre

    G – Giant Elk

    H – Horse Tram

    I – Isle of Man

    J – Jacobaea vulgaris

    K – Kipper

    L – Loaghtan Sheep

    M – Manannan

    N – Nickies and nobbies

    O – Ogham Stone

    P – Parliament

    Q – Quocunque jeceris stabit

    R – RNLI

    S – Snaefell

    T – TT

    U – Up the south, down the north

    V – Viking

    W – Hunt the Wren

    Y – You are here

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