Everton Park

Working in close collaboration with Liverpool Vision, BCA Landscape were appointed by The Land Trust to create a cohesive masterplan for Everton Park.

 The steep topography of the park provides unique viewing opportunities across Liverpool and beyond. Despite widespread recognition of the park’s importance within the city, there has been a lack of investment in works, and a growing concern regarding the long term sustainability of the park, given its scale.

As a consequence, there have been a number of interesting studies conducted over recent years but there have been no tangible proposals plans produced to assist in the regeneration of the park. A key objective of the design proposals is therefore to draw together the strands of previous studies and projects to create a holistic masterplan that encompasses all the hopes, aspirations and needs of the various stakeholders to enable Everton Park to go forward and serve the community.

BCA Landscape have been working in close collaboration with a number of stakeholders including Liverpool Vision, Liverpool City Council, Friends of Everton Park, The Land Trust, Liverpool Biennial and the Cass Foundation. The masterplan will be used by The Land Trust to construct a long-term plan for park improvements and BCA Landscape are currently assisting in the preparation of a series of funding bids to implement the delivery of this vision.



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