Stonyhurst College

A space to take you on a journey, one that prepares the mind for reflection, takes away the stresses of daily life and creates a gentle distraction for the conscious mind.

Project: Stonyhurst College

Year of Completion: 2019 (Phase 1)

Budget: £35,000

Client: Stonyhurst College – Board of Trustees

Design Team: BCA Landscape

This garden is a new addition to the historic grounds of Stonyhurst college. Adjoining this is a restoration project of an early 19th century water mill which for decades had stood roofless and abandoned until it’s recent conversion to a religious education centre and retreat.

The journey is created through a series of connected spaces each having their own characteristics and purposes. It starts with a narrow lane with a glimpse of a sculpture through a slice in the hedge, signifying a path and a journey to be embarked upon. This then leads into a transition space with the use of simple shapes, symmetry and a grid of uniform trees is meant to cleanse the mind and prepare it for reflection. Through another gap in the boundary this route opens up into a large seating area with a square of pleached trees and a central focal point. Spaces are enclosed by sandstone walls and hedging to create an introspective sequence free from any external distractions. As you enter the final space of this series it opens up to a large meadow with a clear path cut through it and a bold backdrop of Wester Red Cedars.

Currently only phase 1 of construction has been completed whilst the remaining areas await funding.