101 Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea

The proposed landscape consists of a dynamic series of external spaces that respond to the light and shade, exposure and shelter created by the arrangement of the built form. Our primary focus throughout the process has been to maximise the potential for external spaces to be used by the residents of the new scheme and the members of the surrounding community for social activities.  The use of external space for social activity creates a sense of community in the participation in shared activities.

The landscape design seeks to achieve a range of five key objectives to enhance what the scheme has to offer to the wider community and the residents of the proposed scheme.  These can be summarised as follows:

– Clear definition between private, semi-private and public spaces, much of which are traffic free, and accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.
– Maximise the physical and visual connectivity between the public realm and the ground floor of all buildings to ensure animation of the adjacent spaces.
– Celebrate this once in 150 year opportunity to regenerate this brownfield location
– To seamlessly connect the development to its surrounding area in a creative, inviting and convenient way so that use of the routes through the site becomes a regular part of daily life.
– To provide a high level of visual and usable amenity space and facilities,  including extensive external amenity


Status: Planning approved

Client: St William [Berkeley Group & Nation Grid]

Architects: Squire and Partners