Douglas Town Centre Regeneration

Through establishing a holistic relationship with the environment, this project is founded in an island-wide concept that aspires to link regenerated towns to a growth in the Manx economy.

The detail design has been achieved through adopting a well-researched portfolio of colours and materials that stem from a fusion of the Island’s natural hues. In these initial phases of the comprehensive Douglas Town Centre project, the Island’s historical heritage is also acknowledged through incorporating public realm art in the streetscape design through the use of a variety of coloured and finished granites.

The stonework brings brightness and light into the heart of the Island’s capital, the results are already uplifting and enhancing the area; instilling pride and commitment across the diverse range of retailers, where associated grant-aided property upgrades are now also evident. These initial phases are an undoubted success in moving towards the Island’s objectives.

The A-Y of Manx is an artwork in the paving in Regent Street at the heart of the Isle of Man’s capital, Douglas – designed in collaboration with Smiling Wolf. Each letter has come from a narrative of fact or folklore, geography or ecology – all coming together to compose a fascinating picture of the Isle of Man today. The artwork illustrates 24 subjects related to the Isle of Man, some of which are well-known and obvious such as “Manx Cats”, “TT” and “Kippers” and some which are a little more obscure such as the “Giant Elk” and “Ogham”.

The initial strategy created a vision for the town. This was developed from consultations with a very broad group of consultees. These include the general public, retailers, utility companies, Regeneration Committee, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Douglas Development Partnership [DDP], Manx National Heritage, the Borough Council and many more.

Events included: Visioning Exercise, Early Presentation of concepts, Destination Douglas 1 Exhibition, Your Story and Mindmapping workshops, Retail Workshops, Lighting Walking Tour, Draft Proposals, Destination Douglas 2 Exhibition, DDP website & DDP window.

Douglas Town Centre regeneration is driven economically to attract investment in the area but at the heart of this goal is for the people of Douglas to have a sustainable town that can support the needs of the people. By improving the quality and viability of the town centre, a legacy of civic pride is being instilled in the community. It is a town rich in culture, identity and a sense of belonging that will carry forward their sense of confidence & community spirit.