Marine Hall Gardens, Fleetwood


As part of the Sea Change scheme, the project at Marine Hall aims to transform the waterfront venue’s landscape into a space that complements the function of the building at the same time integrating the imaginative narrative of The Mythic Coast.

Hosting a series of community engagement workshops, Shared Stories, BCA Landscape and community artist Lesley Fallais encouraged local people to get involved with the coastline regeneration programme by sharing their own experiences with the design team and each other.

Developing The Mythic Coast’s The Sea Swallow story concept of making the entire coastline an area of narrated exploration, the Shared Stories were then interpreted by the design team and Smiling Wolf graphic designers. The strong graphic results, realised in cast bronze set into glimmering, sea like terrazzo help to bring the Sea Swallow story and other local influences to life.

The gardens also give the waterfront venue additional functionality through the creation of an outdoor stage with ample space for spectators. At Rossall Point, additional Sea Change money is seeing a new public observation tower and interpretation centre being designed by Studio Three Architects, for which BCA Landscape have also designed the surrounding landscape.


4 thoughts on “Marine Hall Gardens, Fleetwood

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  2. Congratulations BCA! Another great place! Harold mentions about the trees but man only has so much control over nature! The bedding schemes look lovely. The locals are really using the space too. Keep up all the fantastic work. I love your approach to landscape!

  3. photographs really do decieve/maybe when finished minus the graffiti it should be nice,with the trees renewed of course

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