Sustainable Development

Want to develop in a sustainable way, leaving a positive legacy for future generations?

BCA Landscape can make a major contribution to the environmental credentials of any project by ensuring that the existing flora and fauna are protected and enhanced. Our objective is always to minimise negative environmental impact and promote positive environmental change. It is always possible with appropriate and sensitive design to improve the habitat diversity of any site – especially ‘brown-field’ ones.

We have a well-developed understanding of the BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes and CEEQUAL systems of evaluation and can advise on how the proposals can gain the maximum benefit within specific budget constraints.  We we have 30 years in-depth experience of all the following:-

– Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems [SUDS]

– Future Proofing [inc. adaptability and robust detailing]

– Responsible specification and material sourcing

– Low energy lighting consumption and light pollution control

– Minimizing Carbon footprints

– Designing sustainable native habitats

– Providing positive facilities and connections for pedestrians and cyclists.





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