Burscough Bridge



Some mornings I remember the Fairytale of Burscough Bridge like it was a dream. It is the story of Hellcats, Cromwell’s Army, Window Peepers and Beelzebub himself and at the centre of the dream is the idea that shared landscapes and communal places can tell our collective stories in many new and exciting ways.

This idea appears as a dream like animation with stone carved dancing horses, bronze cast mills, pink churches, camel tree decorations, bowler hats with horns, songs about strong ale and a ‘thriller’ styled clog dance.Then I remember all these things are real and it makes me feel good. I smile to think that in a hundred years from now, somebody might see the Fairytale of Burscough Bridge film or come across the book and think to themselves, ‘if only this place actually existed, what a strange and wonderful world it would be.

BCA Landscape

Graphic designers and animators: Smiling Wolf

Music: Joe Hollick


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