Princes Avenue

Budget: £4m

Design Team: BCA Landscape, Amey, Friends of Princes Avenue, LCC

Awards: LCR Culture & Creativity Award – Impact WINNER, Environmental Sustainability

In recent months, the historic boulevard at Princes Avenue in Toxteth has been undergoing a dramatic and stunning transformation.

Princes Boulevard is much more than a new cycle route, it is a jewel in the crown of Liverpool 8 and an Avenue steeped in the history of both Toxteth and Liverpool as a whole.

In 19th century Liverpool the avenue was full of upper class merchants all making their trade and wealth in the thriving city port. Nearby is the area of land now known as Princes Park, which is a popular destination for walkers, families and tourists alike as part of their L8 area exploration.

As part of the redevelopment, L8’s remarkable heritage is being recognised in a series of installations along the boulevard, creating a unique journey through the area’s history.

The new look boulevard includes public art and installations designed through community work with BCAL & ‘The Friends of Princes Avenue’ and referencing key aspects of L8’s rich heritage from the many clubs which used to be in the area to its myriad religious buildings, and the legacy of Liverpool’s role as a major port city. By installing the 1km long cycle path within the central reservation, a first for Liverpool, the scheme’s aim is to improve cycle connectivity between south Liverpool and the city centre.

“The Princes Avenue/Road scheme looks absolutely amazing. The boulevard is arguably now one of the most beautiful in the country and is going to transform how the wider Toxteth community interact and use this reimagined space.” – Councillor Sharon Connor, LCC.