At BCA Landscape, we are a team of experienced Landscape Architects and Urban Designers, who have worked on a wide range of projects in the UK and internationally.

We have been designing and placemaking in the public realm since 1984. Our on-going dedication and belief in innovation and designing unique places that are embedded in their locality, has been honoured with a plethora of national and international design awards.

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Aerial shot of The Glade of Light in Manchester

Our latest work.

The everchanging memorial for remembrance and healing.

On 22 May 2017, twenty-two people, concertgoers and their loved ones waiting for them, had their lives taken in a terrorist atrocity at the Manchester Arena. The Glade of Light is a significant place in the heart of Manchester for people to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our wish for this garden is that it will encourage everyone to pause and search for stillness. As landscape architects, we believe design is about and for people and it is not a fixed thing on a plan, but consists of an ever-changing, living and shifting series of moments.

To know more about us, we bring environments around cities to life, with green spaces that everyone can enjoy and relax in.

A vibrant new green corridor for active travel.

A dramatic transformation to the historic Princes Boulevard, which includes a new 1km cycle path to improve connectivity between south Liverpool and the city centre. The scheme also celebrates L8’s remarkable heritage through a series of installations along the boulevard, which were designed by working closely with the local community.


A ground-breaking 100% social housing scheme.

With the intention to challenge design stereotypes of social housing, focusing on quality and generosity of space. The Greenwich social housing scheme delivers significant improvements to the existing public realm, with improved space for play and recreation for the benefit of new and existing residents alike.

Re-imagining Liverpool's iconic waterfront

The Liverpool Waterfront development aims to contribute to the mitigation of climate change risks, increase the resilience to climate change effects, improve health and well-being and improve air quality and biodiversity. This includes planting 130 new trees and Sustainable Drainage Systems [SuDS] with permeable paving and traffic drainage being directed into these living systems and help alleviate flooding in the area.

Our design philosophy.

High-quality exemplary design and sustainable living should be a viable option for everyone

We believe this is a critical part of a healthy society and our collective future. This is one of the key reasons as landscape architects why we are so passionate about the contribution our team can make to all the projects we are involved with.

Another shot of The Glade of Light in Manchester

We create cherished places

We are passionate about inclusivity and creating places with meaning and cultural depth. This cannot be achieved alone, so collaborating with people and developing shared positive outcomes is what drives us and is at the heart of our mission to improve the environment that we all share.


We have experience working closely with compliance officers and community groups to deliver spaces that are both compliant with regulations and responsive to the needs of end users.

The design process for the Glade of Light (pictured above) involved community consultations with a local access working group was key to refining types of seating provisions and interpretive signage design.

Forest Bathing Pod - WS43

Prioritising well-being and closeness to nature

The integration of vibrant and unique habitats into bustling urban environments offers multiple benefits, such as improvements in public health and recreational opportunities for urban populations. Improving access to green spaces goes hand-in-hand with raising awareness among communities of the importance of protecting and nurturing what we have.

The Forest bathing pod (Pictured above) highlights the issue of a lack of green space within our cities and served as a reminder of the importance of being mindful of our own physical and mental health through a positive connection with nature.

Having begun with the ambitious aim to create an innovative active campus, with student experience and well-being at its core (pictured below), the University of Liverpool campus vision has continued to evolve through the integration of principles of sustainability within its 1000+ tree campus.

One of the landscape projects we did for the University of London.

We are building a positive sustainable legacy

In response to the growing climate emergency, we have been working closely with Universities and the Mersey Forest charity to gather metrics on carbon and pollution capture, biodiversity net gain, habitat creation, flood mitigation and design for improvements in well-being and mental health for all. In short, our landscape is working much harder to maximise the benefits to everyone and the planet.

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity

Retaining the best of the existing green infrastructure (where possible) helps to optimise biodiversity net gain, contribute to Carbon sequestration, and reduce costs. We are passionate about creating beautiful, wild landscapes that consider seasonal interest for amenity and biodiversity.

Image: Rotunda community garden

Musician relaxing in park
Landscape Architects With Over A Decade Of Experience

Targeting Net Zero Carbon

Our twofold approach to this aims firstly to reduce the total embodied carbon from construction through careful selection of raw materials and construction methodologies. This is further supported by well designed planting scheme to maximise carbon capture, offseting the embodied carbon produced by the wider construction works and inturn reducing the number of years to reaching net carbon positive.

Image: University of Liverpool Masterplan

Working on a wider scale, this project has been an excellent opportunity to incorporporate early stage carbon calculations to provide insights that are continuing to be implemented campus-wide.

Nature based flood mitigation

Nature-based solutions help society to adapt to climate change, while simultaneously enhancing the environment and saving raw materials. They have the capacity to adapt more effectively and sustainably to sea-level rise and increasing amounts of stormwater in urban areas as compared to conventional grey infrastructure approaches.

Image: Northbank Pocket Park

The project incorporates a landscape-led sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), including planted swales + bio-retention beds, that are fully integrated into the park. These slow and mediate storm flow conditions, helping to avoid the usual storm peaks that can often flood adjacent sewers and streets.

The Northbank Green Project near Wirral Waters.

Let's give your project a climate positive future.

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